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So honored to receive this Retailer Award, "Business of the Year" RETAIL while having our brick and mortar store in Portland's Pearl District. We fulfilled our store's lease and have moved on to being more creative in the Arts. 

We are honored by your nominee selection of the 2019-2020 for Best Accessory Designer and Best Boutique NW.

Thank you to the public for your nominee selection for the Portland Fashion & Style Awards!

We are opening pop-up stores throughout the year. Stay tuned.

So honored to win Best NW Boutique for 2017/2018 and 2018/2019 by the Portland Fashion & Style Awards.


Our goal is to support artists and designers and give them a voice in the retail world.

Portland's NW Pearl District

416 NW 12th Avenue

Portland, OR 97209


Thank you to the public for naming Anne Bocci Boutique & Gallery the People's Choice nominee for the 5th year in a row for SW Portland Boutiques by the Portland Fashion & Style Awards!

Best Boutiques in Portland

The Portland, Oregon metropolitan area boasts several past winners of Project Runway, proving that we're a fashionable bunch! And we're lucky to have some of the best clothing boutiques around to indulge our tastes. The following are just a handful of the many apparel boutiques Portland has to offer, but you can't start shopping in better places than these...

Mercantile Portland is one of Portland's premier women's designer apparel retailers offering young American and European designer collections along with great handbags and accessories. The service is unparalleled and with such a great selection of clothes, you won't leave without purchasing something.

Anne Bocci Boutique & Gallery is nestled in the cute Southwest Portland neighborhood of Multnomah Village. It may be a small space, but Anne Bocci carries some of the best clothes in Portland, including designs from Seth Aaron Henderson and Michelle Lesniak Franklin, two former Project Runway winners.

Frances May features the best of the best from innovative independent designers. With a great mix of trendy and timeless clothing, the grandmother/granddaughter owner combo successfully curates an incredible collection of men's and women's apparel.

With locations on both NW 23rd and SE Hawthorne, Sloan Boutique is a locally owned boutique carrying a wide selection of women's apparel, shoes and accessories. In addition to nationally recognized brands, Sloan Boutique also carries several smaller, but equally fashionable lines.

Mink is another charming boutique found on SE Hawthorne. Make sure owner and veteran buyer and retail manager, Carla Mink, is there when you plan to shop. Her advice and insight is invaluable. A great selection of tops, dresses, jewelry and accessories from designers like Nic + Zoe, Akiko, Splendid and Yumi will ensure that your shopping trip is a success!

Willamette Week Finder Guide


Article in Oregon Business Magazine, December 2010



by Chris Cone

Anne Bocci is a sweet and personable individual who not only takes pride in her boutique and her own jewelry designs, but also the creative work of others.

When it comes to supporting and promoting independent designers and artists, call on Anne to be the one to receive that distinctly unique line with an open mind.

Packed floor to ceiling with indie apparel, art, designer clothes, different jewelry, and oddities, Anne works like a museum curator to pick out the best lines that represent her boutique and her customers’. Anne’s boutique and art gallery, located in the heart of Multnomah Village, is cozy and vibrant–especially on a fun First Friday! In addition, Anne carries clothing designs from current Project Runway contestant, Seth Aaron Henderson! Read o

Thank you Cecilia Doan and CRAVE and for this interview.

Jillian and Megan Rabe at Anne Bocci Boutique

Jillian Rabe is an designer advocate, fashion model and videographer:

Chris Cone of Portland Fashion weeks talks to me about Project Runway

Two Portland Designers shine in Project Runway

Portland Neat Sheet Rocks 

The 2009/2010

CRAVE Book is out and my boutique is on featured on pages 14-15:

"The ultimate guide to the places women CRAVE in Portland,

including more than 100 women you need to know."

Portland Picks Buzz

More Portland Picks Press

August '07




Anne Bocci Artisan Boutique & Gallery

After seven years spent honing her jewelry-making

skills on Oahu, designer Anne Bocci has a style firmly

rooted in island flair. Using natural materials from

Tahitian pearls to moonstones, Bocci captures the

luminescent glow of, say, a coral reef or an ocean

wave in a single earring or necklace. Luckily for us,

Bocci returned to her native Portland one and a half

years ago, and now sells her Pacific-inspired wares

(along with the work of other independent designers)

at her boutique in Multnomah Village.

Anne Bocci’s jewelry is a pure reflection of those days.

Her pearl-strung necklaces, earrings and bracelets are

made with the most exquisite pearls—black Tahitian,

freshwater peacock and south sea varieties that are the

finest in the world. Some of Anne’s designs are striking

in their simplicity, but often, they’re grouped together

with round pieces of 14k gold and precious gems like

opal, blue topaz, peridot and labradorite.

Why We Like It:

As far as the wardrobe goes, we like our personality

to show through standout accessories, items with color and pieces that shine with

character. “Statement pieces,” as Anne calls them, are her specialty. We love the way

the pearls and gems are clumped together in bulky strings, the way the colors complement

each other so well. Interesting in a stunning sort of where-did-you-get

-that? way, her designs are definitely what we’d call outfit-making material.

How She Got Here:

Once she obtained a degree in journalism from the University of Oregon, Anne fell into a

steady copywriting career, designing jewelry in the

off-hours, filling orders for nearly 60 stores nationwide. After trying in earnest

to have a baby for seven years, she and her husband moved to Hawaii to cool the tension.

It was then she became pregnant, got back into jewelry making and was introduced to the

fine pearls that were such big island sellers. Soon thereafter, she opened up shop and

moved the clan, and her jewelry, back home.

Where to Hunt It Down:

If you find yourself in Hawaii, you’ll spot Anne’s work at several island boutiques

and even at the Honolulu Academy of Arts (which Anne equates to our own Portland

Art Museum). In town, you’ll find her jewelry at her store, Anne Bocci \

(7824 SW Capitol Hwy, 452-3711), a boutique inspired by chic Parisian style, which

stands out on the main drag in Multnomah Village with its gold pinstriped

blackawning and window display featuring lots of local artistic talent.

May 25, 2007 from PORTLAND PICKS

Having a Ball

We’re fond of Multnomah Village. Its narrow streets

and small-town feel remind us of the good things in

life. And now there’s one more good thing to add to

the area, so good that we classify it as fabulous:

Anne Bocci. Anne’s known round town for her jewelry

designs, and now she’s finally set up shop in SW

Portland to showcase some of the best indie designers


The new boutique is positively brimming with coolness,

full of truly one-of-a-kind exquisite items like

Anne’s Tahitian pearl earrings, Dolce purses from

Seattle, adorable dresses by independent designer

Suzabelle, hand-screened t-shirts of the perfect

softness, bags made from board games and recycled

fabric, snappy trenchcoats in time for the June

rains—all this stuff you’re going to want, and you’re

going to want it now.

Stop by Friday, June 1, starting at 6 pm for First

Friday, showcasing the works of photographer Elisa

Lazo de Valdez. And whew! It’s a good thing that

Anne gets new stuff in every day—we don’t have to wait

long to get our fix.

And, PORTLAND PICKS, Portland's premier style

magazine published this, too.

Chick Picks:

Pretty is as Pretty Does

And pretty girls wear pretty, wearable art

jewelry by Anne Bocci. Her otherwordly designs use

decadent and fabulous natural materials like South Sea

and Tahitian pearls, and semi-precious stones like

citrine, chalcedony and opal.

We found her when we were looking for fabulous wedding

jewelry (for a friend...don't get excited!) and discovered that her

work is perfect for all kinds of special occasions.

Even if it's just getting up and going to work! Treat

yourself to something you'll have for a lifetime.

Contact Anne for a private

showing...because you're worth it.


Yay! Willamette Week just out with their

Best of Portland Issue.

Cute Multnomah Village voted as

"Best Place to Shop 2008 in SW Portland."

Willamette Week says:


Willamette Week

Multnomah Village is so cute it’s criminal.

The stretch of Capitol Highway

lined with coffee shops, cafes and quirky stores

looks like it’s been plucked from

a small European town and planted in Southwest

Portland. Spending an afternoon perusing

Multnomah’s shops, then stopping for a pint at one of the neighborh

restaurants is perfect for first dates, families and

everyone in between.

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